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Articles include crystal meanings, how to and more with additional  articles on crystal meanings, crystal healing lore, gemstone metaphysical lore, and other metaphysical / spiritual topics. Remember that there are many perceptions and viewpoints in the world and always follow the guidance of the Divine and your higher self when working with crystals and other energies.

Choosing Crystals & Stones

It's often said that crystals and stones choose us, rather than us choosing them. This may well be, although I tend to think it's a mutual choosing process, and the same holds true for crystals and gemstones jewelry. Either way though, the key to choosing crystals and stones is to use your intuition. Do what feels right to you. You may feel a tingling sensation, a sensation of well being, a sense [...]

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How to Charge Crystals & Stones

Charging a crystal or stone is to help it get its energy back to its fullest. First, clear any unwanted or negative energy from the crystal or other stone. Then proceed with the method of charging your crystal that feels best to you. Here are several methods you can use. With all methods of charging, first set your intention and state silently or aloud that you are doing this to charge your crysta [...]

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